How to register as a student

As a new enrollee/student, click the Login button and select “Register” Step 2: Click the “Register now” link.  If you have previously registered, please input your username and password. Make sure that your email address is correct. Step 3: Click

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LMS Tutorials

Kindly read first the LMS FAQs before writing any questions or queries because the answers to the questions could be here already. Thank you! Question Answer     ERROR: I cannot see my LMS material It has not loaded yet

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Course Access Expiration

Course access has a limited time period of 22 days based on the user’s ENROLLMENT date (aka: when they signed up for the course). Changing the expiry date is not yet available. So, before you enroll make sure you chose

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How to use the Alumni LMS coupon code

Please go to Choose the correct course for your Alumni LMS Coupon code Go to your cart and check your course Click the Alumni LMS coupon i.e. Php 1111 to avail of the discount. Click the coupon to apply.Coupon

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How can I resume my Alumni LMS Order?

In case you have a pending or incomplete payment, you can resume the Order transaction by logging into your Dashboard > go to Ordr woocommerce, select the Invoice that has a “PAY” link.  Follow the next step and select the

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Other Tutorial and Tips

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