Beg-Module 5: Scalping 2.0 and Naked Charting Extra Recording File

StepNAKED CHARTING STEPS of Coach Miranda Miner
1Please open your charts 
2Type your coin 
3Zoom out in the chart 
4Put your Major Support and Resistance (BUBONG and SAHIG)
5Find if its Bear or Bull by using BB 50 and 0.2 If the candles are BELOW the Bollinger Band, then it is bearish
6Bigger TF Trends: Look for trend/boxes form an imaginary box trend (PRICE ACTION) and plot your FIBB’s
7Zoom in 
8Ask what type of trader you are? (Day, Swing, Position, Scalp)
 In this process step, assume you are a DAY TRADER
9Law / Rule of Timeframes 
  Day Trades 15 mins to 1 hour and up
  Scalping 1 min, 3 mins, 5 mins
  Position Trade 4 hours and up
  Swing Trade 1 day and up
10Lower TF (type of your trader style TF) Look for trend/boxes form an imaginary box trend (PRICE ACTION)
11PLOT YOUR FIBB (retracements)
  See the youtube video
  Ask yourself, what do you want to measure when drawing fibb
12IF THERE IS NO NEED FOR A CURRENT FIBB RETRACEMENT, you ZOOM OUT. LINE your Major FIBB resistance .5, .618 and .382 (LOCK!)
13Put your confirmation indicators 
  Find your Bread and Butter set up trade
  Bounce Play
  Transition Play
  Trend Resistance Breakout play
 AVOID candle trends below .618 and .5
 PREFERRED are candle bouncing at .328 and .618 (pataas)